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November 2021

Prep For A New Journey

Thanksgiving Grace


This Is The Way

A Psalmist Solace

October 2021

Need a Tune Up?

Rev. Peaches Ellis


Presence Changes Everything

Choosing Love

The Best Day Ever

September 2021

Humble Perspective


Determined Prayer

COGOP Global Missions Director, Cathy Payne

August 2021

Dealing with Despondency


Walk in Gospel Shoes

Peace in Times of Uncertainty

The Believers’ Foundation


Hungry for an Outpouring

July 2021

Walking in the Spirit

Unity of the Spirit

Living with Power


Freedom of Spirit


June 2021

Joint Service


A Father’s Heart

The River

Scattered with Purpose


May 2021

God’s Warrior 5.30.21


A Baptism For All

Immersion of the Soul


Learning to Trust God

Wrestling Match of the Soul


April 2021

Comeback Commitment

A Spiritual Comeback

One More Move

Fight For The Family

Easter Roads

March 2021

Triumphant Messiah

Traps To A Come Back

COGOP Global Missions Ministries Coordinator

The Fight of a Comeback

February 2021

The Comeback T.E.A.M

Faith For a Comeback

Time for a Comeback!

Super Bowl of the Soul

January 2021

Forward Together

The Real Battle

Forward in 2021

December 2020

What’s In A Name

Love That Changed The World

Joy That Changes Everything

Peace in a Peaceless Time

November 2020

Renewed Hope

Overcoming Anxiety


Eyes on Christ

‘Do You Trust Me?’ – God

October 2020

Perspectives On Prayer

Who’s On Your Throne

The Real Road To Peace

Leaders We Need

September 2020

Blessed Life

Mark of the Holy Spirit

Grace Unlimited

Desperate Prayer

August 2020

Unexpected Anointing

What Are You Doing Here?

Pastor Appreciation

Called: Stay In The Lane

I Hear A Sound


July 2020

Called, Despite Yourself

Called From Destruction

Silence The Haters

Called In A Trying Time

June 2020

Who Will Answer The Call

A Lasting Heritage

Change Your View

Storm Walker

May 2020

Wind That Fills The Sails

A Psalm For Our Days, Part 2

A Psalm For Our Days

Love Is Tough

Let it Go

April 2020

A Personal Calling

Remember The Call

A Rekindled Heart

A Broken Cry

March 2020

The Faith-Grown Cry for Help

The Unrelenting Cry for Help

No Fear

Someone Like Me?

A Fruitful Foundation

February 2020

Embracing Diversity In The Church

Frustrated Yet Found

Super Messiah

January 2020


Vision of War in the Wilderness

Vision of Repentance

20/20: A Year of Looking For Jesus

December 2019

The Power You Need

A New Christmas, Part 4: A New Hope