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February 2024

Crisis Pregnancy Center

Under Pressure

Stewardship Part 4: Keep it Going

January 2024

Stewardship Part 4: The Right Start

Randall Parris Missions Update

Stewardship Part 3: The Right Seed

Stewardship Part 2: The Right Priority

December 2023

Stewardship Part 1: The Right Heart

A Savior is Born Part 4: God’s Love

A Savior is Born Part 3: Peace

A Savior is Born Part 2: Joy

November 2023

A Savior is Born Hope Part 1: Hope

Keys to Succes Part 2: Wisdom

Keys to Success Part 1: Integrity

Grace Has a Name

October 2023


Firm Foundation

Love others

Love God

10.2.23 A New Thing

September 2023

Missions Updates and Oddballs

Walk the Talk Part 8: Waiting

Walk the Talk Part 7: Future

Walk the Talk Part 6: People

August 2023

Walk the Talk Part 5: Conflict

Promise of God

Walk the Talk Part 4: Tongue

Walk the Talk Part 3: Actions

July 2023

Walk the Talk Part 2: Anger

Walk the Talk Part 1: Trials

Obstacles To Faith Part 4: Control

Obstacles to Faith Part 3: Overwhelmed

Obstacles to Faith Part 2: People Pleasing

June 2023

Obstacles to Faith Part 1: Identity

A Father’s Love

Joint Service with Maranatha Iglesia de Dios: Unity

The Power of Praise Part 2: Responsibility

May 2023

The Power of Praise Part 1: Purpose

Walking in the Light

Mom’s Influence

Samson Part 4: Presence of God

April 2023

Samson Part 3: Sin

Samson Part 2: Role of Parents

Samson Part 1: Make a Difference

He is Risen

What Would Happen If… Part 5 Bring Others Along

March 2023

What Would Happen If… Part 4 One Another

What Would Happen If… Part 3 Spiritual Warfare

What Would Happen If… Part 2: Wait on the Lord

What Would Happen If….

Afterlife Part 3: Heaven


February 2023

Do Something: Missionary Randall Parris

Afterlife Part 2: Hell

On The Flip Side

January 2023

Afterlife Part 1: Does It Matter?

Missionary Cruz Paniagua

Final Authority

Speak Life

Facing Giants

December 2022

Christmas Sunday Service

Christmas Wonder Part 4: Peace

Christmas Wonder Part 3: Forgiveness

Christmas Wonder Part 2: Presence

November 2022

Christmas Wonder Part 1: Advocate


Reboot Part 3: Going Viral

Reboot Part 2: Refresh

Reboot Part 1: Source Code

October 2022

I’m Offended Part 4: Forgive Self

I’m Offended Part 3: Forgive God

I’m Offended Part 2: Forgive Others

I’m Offended Part 1: No Offense

Pursued Part 3: How?

September 2022

Pursued Part 2: Why?

Pursued Part 1: Who?


Who Am I?

August 2022

Now What?

Service with special remembrance for Sister Gayle Harris

What’s the Condition of Your Armor?

July 2022

7 Miracles of the Christ

The Resurgence of Prayer

Spiritual Maturity

Defining Moments

Mission Control


June 2022

A Life Patterned After Christ

A Godly Call

Act On It!

Wait for It!

May 2022

Gone Fishin

Dividends of Faith

A Contrite Heart

Grabbing Hold of God

Ingredients for a Turnaround

April 2022

Which Friend is Jesus

In Need Of A Savior

The Struggle of Faith

Faith Enabled

March 2022

Prioritized Faith

Sure-Footed Faith

Fickle Faith