March 2020

The Faith-Grown Cry for Help

  Service Video 

The Unrelenting Cry for Help

Service Video

No Fear

Someone Like Me?

A Fruitful Foundation

February 2020

Embracing Diversity In The Church

Frustrated Yet Found

Super Messiah

January 2020


Vision of War in the Wilderness

Vision of Repentance

20/20: A Year of Looking For Jesus

December 2019

The Power You Need

A New Christmas, Part 4: A New Hope

A New Christmas, Part 3: A New Decision

A New Christmas, Part 2

A New Christmas

November 2019

A Thanksgiving Cure

Lessons From The Storm

Converging Breakthrough

Life’s Healing Choices, Part 8: The Sharing Choice – Recycling Pain

October 2019

Life’s Healing Choices, Part 7 – The Growth Choice: Maintaining Momentum

Refocus Our Focus

Life’s Healing Choices, Part 6 – The Relationship Choice: Repairing Relationships

Life’s Healing Choices, Part 5 – The Transformation Choice: Making Changes

September 2019

Life’s Healing Choices, Pt. 4 – The Housecleaning Choice: Coming Clean

Life’s Healing Choices, Part 3 – The Commitment Choice: Letting Go

Life’s Healing Choices Part 2: The Hope Choice – Getting Help

Life’s Healing Choices, Part 1: The Reality Choice – Admitting Need

Challenging the Impossible

August 2019

Reflections of the Church

Banished But Not Beaten

Inadequate Enough

The Glory, The Veil, and The Grace

July 2019

God Calls Us At The Crossroads

Go…Without God?

Missionary Wayne Wozniak

A Question of Spiritual Leadership

June 2019

The Forgotten Commandments

Give Me That Sword

Faith Tested

Power and Purpose of Pentecost

Inter-Dependent Victory

May 2019

Reading and Praying: The Path To Life

Wearied and Worried?

Midnight Praise

Bitter or Better?

April 2019

Get Your Song Back

Looking For Jesus

Bring Jesus

Lift Your Hands…One More Time

March 2019

Checklist for the Journey

“Checklist for the Journey”.

Power In The Blood

Psalm 46

Reach Out

Letting Go and Letting God

February 2019

When God Says, ‘GO’, and the Going Gets Tough

God Change Me

January 2019

Changing Your Will

Venezuela Missions

Praying and Fasting

December 2018

The Foundation of Sin

Something different this Christmas

Kids Backyard Christmas